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Frequently Asked Questions


Am I able to read the full Terms and Conditions before I hire?

Absolutely, please visit our 'Downloadable Forms' section under the About US tab or click here.

What is the standard Multi Vehicle accident (MVA)?

Your Multi Vehicle Liability is dependent on the package you select. This is the amount that you would have to pay if you were involved in a Multi Vehicle accident that was not your fault.

What do I need to provide upon pick up of the vehicle?

When you come into our office to collect your vehicle, please ensure you have your current valid drivers license and your credit card (with same name) with you as well as your reservation number.

Do I have to leave a bond?

A bond (Pre-Authorisation) is done on the main drivers credit or debit card and will be frozen on their account for 5 to 7 working days. Cash is not acceptable.  The pre-authorisation amount is dependent on the package that you choose.

Can I have multiple Drivers?

Yes you can it is $3 per day for an additional driver.  They have to be present at the time of the hire, they must sign the agreement and we need to sight their driving license.

Do I have to hold a full drivers license?

No, you do not have to have a full license. You can rent a car if you are on your 'P' Plates but you must be on our "level one" or "full cover" package as long as you are over 21 years of age.

Do I need an international drivers license if I am from overseas?

An international drivers license is required if original license is not in English, or if accompanied by a certified translation.

How old do I have to be to hire a car?

All drivers have to be 21 years or over to be able to hire a car.

How can I pay for my rental charges?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Eftpos and cash. Cheques are not accepted.

How many kilometers do I get with my hire?

The number of kilometers depends on which package you choose.

Will I be able to use the toll roads such as Citylink and Eastlink?

All our vehicles are registered with Citylink and Eastlink. You are NOT able to use your own e-tags in our vehicles.

Do you offer a free courtesy pick up from local accommodation?

Yes, we do offer a free pick up from hotels, motels and hostels in the local area. This must be arranged with our staff two weeks prior to your collection.  This service is not available over peak periods.

Do I return the car full of fuel?

Yes, all our vehicles are full of fuel and we expect them to be full of fuel when they are being dropped off.

Do you offer 24 Roadside Assistance?

Yes, all our cars have 24 RACV Roadside Assist. You will be given contact details and an after hours phone number as part of your rental agreement when picking up the car. In case of an accident, mechanical fault or any other emergency involving the vehicle please call this number.

What are traffic infringements like in Australia?

It is against the law to speed in Australia or go through a red light. Additionally, it is dangerous to speed, especially in a rental vehicle which you are not familiar with. Doing so puts yourself and others at risk.

All speeds are calculated in kilometers and are indicated by signs with black numbers in a red circle. This is the speed that you should be traveling at on that particular road. The speed limit can change on the same road a number of times, so it is important to keep an eye out for these signs.

Here is a link that may help you with regards to speeding: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speed_limits_in_Australia

What happens if I get a speeding fine or parking ticket?

All traffic infringements notices are mailed to us by the issuing authority. You will then be nominated as the driver and paperwork will be sent to you by authorities. All traffic infringements incur a $99 administration fee.

Additionally, points may be deducted from your license (demerit points). Your license may be suspended depending on how many points you have. Each state in Australia has different rules with regards to licensing and fines.

How can I avoid getting a traffic infringement?

To avoid getting a speeding fine or parking fine when renting a car, maintain the designated speed and check signs before you park. Another tip is that in Australia it is illegal to park in the opposite direction of the traffic.

Am I allowed to drive on unsealed roads?

Unfortunately you are not permitted to take our vehicles on unsealed roads.

Can I take the car on a ferry?

Yes, you can take our cars on a ferry provided that you are on our full cover option.

What is the snow line and am I allowed to take the car above the snow line?

The Snow Line in Australia comes in effect between 1 June and 31 October. The Snow Line itself are the gates that lead into snowfields or national parks where snow chains are required. You can certainly drive above the snowline if you arrange this with us and take out the Snow Insurance at the start of your hire.

Am I able to take the car interstate?

Yes, if you are on our Full cover package, (Some restrictions to area apply)

Do you offer baby/booster seats?

Yes, we do offer baby and booster seats for an additional cost.

Am I able to return my car after hours?

Yes, we do offer after hour returns. All after hour returns have to be confirmed at the time of booking and an after hours fee applies.

Do we receive a map book?

We have free map books for you to borrow for the duration of your hire. We also have a range of tourist brochures to major tourist destinations in the area in our office for your convenience. Alternatively you can hire a GPS from us.

Are other people allowed to drive the vehicle?

All drivers have to be nominated on the rental agreement and provide us with drivers license details. An additional drivers fee applies.

I need more information about hiring a car in Australia. Do you have any additional information?

If you would like to ask any additional information, feel free to call or email our office and we would be more than happy to help. Otherwise, TripAdvisor has provided a great article about Australian car hires:















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